Peace and well


Gospel of saint John 14, 6 -14

In the Gospel we are told of several interventions by Philip, such as the one we read today: «Lord, show us the Father.»

The path of maturation in the faith of the apostles and disciples of Jesus was not instantaneous or easy. They had to go from a religious formation, and from the current messianic conception, to the Good News as proposed by Jesus. Felipe has the merit of expressing, on behalf of others, his search for the truth and his desire to know Christ and God better.

Each of us must consider ourselves «sent» and, in a broad sense, successors of those first apostles, so that their Good News reaches all the ends of the world and all the generations that follow one another in history.

Just as those first disciples, from their strong experience of living with Jesus and, above all, of his resurrection, launched themselves into the world to bear witness to the Gospel, we, after the Eucharist that we celebrate, must feel sent to transmit to others our faith.

Fr. Antony Majeesh George Kallely, OFM.

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